Franziska Stetter


1-5: De-Motivational Life Lessons. This ongoing poster series was inspired by self-help books and looks at motivational advice through a different lens. The lack of self-criticism that occurs from the willing ignorance of assuming that such phrases are the product of brilliant consideration makes us vulnerable to the harshness of reality. This work finds comfort in misery and reminds us to not take ourselves too serious. Because after all, no one really cares. 2019-date

6 & 7: Result of a workshop held at Pioneer Works as part of the series "Second Sundays". Under the name "Tangram Typography" a unique typeface was created using the simple geometric shapes that compose the classic tangram puzzle. Each participiant created one letter using an exact amount of pieces. Scanned and compiled into a poster sized type speciment the participants created a typeface together. The speciments were printed on Riso in 2 different colors. June 10, 2018 at Pioneer Works

8: Lady's and Gentleman's Diary (more info in Archive)
9 & 10: From RISD to Mars/From Mars to RISD (more info in Archive)
11: Never Sleep (more info in Archive)
12: Gui Boratto or Hermann Hesse? (more info in Archive)
13: French Horn Rebellion (more info in Archive)
14-16: Recodic (more info in Archive)
17: Dear World (more info in Archive)
18: Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik (more info in Archive)